Pakistani Man Arrested with 470 Black Turtles

Black-TurtlesA Pakistani man was held by custom department with 470 black pond turtles. Customs Department director-general Rakop Srisupaat said that the officials got suspicious about Mustafa Ali, 25, when he came with four large suitcases.

He reached Bangkok from Lahore on Thai Airways. While checking of his suitcases, the turtles worth around 3.5 million baht were found. Investigation has been taking place, as a part of which, Ali has confessed that he was paid 10,000 baht to smuggle the turtles in Bangkok.

It has been said that each turtle is worth up to 25,000 baht depending on its size. The turtle species that have been found in the suitcases are listed in the protection list by the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act of 1992.

They also come under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites). "It does seem that the number of turtles and tortoises coming out of South Asia is skyrocketing, especially with regard to the black pond turtle", affirmed Chris Shepherd from Traffic, wildlife trade protection group.

To talk about the countries, where black pond turtle originates, experts have named India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. With this, it has also been seen that trade of tortoise and turtles have increased in Thailand.