Decline in Number of Old Age Dependents in UK

Old-AgeResearchers from the University of Edinburgh said that there seems to have decline in number of dependent people in Britain. On analyzing the population data, they declared that this number has been reduced by third in past four decades. It has been predicted that this number is likely to stabilize at its current levels.

Jeroen Spijker and John Macinnes, demographics experts, said that the old age dependency ratio (OADR), which is the standard indicator of population, gives the wrong information regarding old age people.

Experts said that OADR assumes that all the old age people are dependent on their pension plans. But, the experts said that OADR has forgotten the fact that improved life expectancies have brought a big change in the lives of old people. Older people are even healthier and economically self-sufficient than before.

The way by which OADR calculates dependency ratio is by dividing the number of people of state pension age by the number of people of working age (16-64 years). But, the experts gave a new measure, which they call it as real elderly dependency ratio.

In this method a total of men and women having a life expectancy of up to 15 years are divided by the number of people in employment, irrespective of age.