China Preparing to Build Horse Racing Project

Racing ProjectMeydan LLC is preparing to build a $4 billion horse racing project near Tianjin in China. The company is owned by the state of Dubai and it has developed of the world’s largest horse-racing complex.

The company has been invited by the Government of China to take over the project. At present there are no indigenous facilities for horse racing, breeding or auctioning in China. The Government is seeking the expertise of the company since it lags in this area.

Malaysia’s TAK Design Consultants, China’s Zhouji Jiye and Tianjin Farm Group will collaborate with Meydan and work on the project.

In a statement released by the company, the project will include an equestrian college, feedstuff plant, breeding base, horse hospital, and quarantine centre. It will also incorporate a grandstand in the shape of a phoenix, homes, offices and 3 hotels with a capacity of 4,000 rooms.

The land for the project will be granted by the Chinese Government. It is conjectured that the facility will be created on farmland.

It is also believed that a part of this land will be traded off to end users and commercial units. This will be done to obtain indispensable fund for burgeoning project.