Girls Better in Hiding Autistic Traits than Boys

AutisticThe new study states that girls have better tendency to hide autism than boys. A survey was conducted to ask the views of the parents and the teachers on the same cause. Teachers said that they are six times more likely to identify boys suffering with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than girls.

Parents were of the view that they are twice as likely to identify boys suffering with same concern than girls. But, a new study revealed by University College London said that more symptoms can be observed in girls in comparison to the boys.

Some series of tests have been performed by researchers to analyze the emotional reactions in more than 3,500 children. According to the tests, children's were asked to identify the emotions of happy, sad, and angry or scared.

They were then asked to imitate the same emotions to an animated triangle and circle moving around a screen. It has been observed that people suffering with autism were more likely to make mistakes in identifying sad and scared faces.

When boys and girls were compared, girls seemed to have better emotions recognition in the photographs. But, seemed to have less performance with the triangles and circle cartoons.

It has been reported that girls are better in masking the signs of autism in social situations, but failed in doing such in an unfamiliar conditions.