Mystery about Tasmanian Tiger Remains Uncovered

Tasmanian-TigerAccording to a latest report, the mystery about the Tasmanian tiger remains uncovered as an expedition to sight these animals has recently failed to catch even a glimpse of this rare species. According to the researchers, these tigers are assumed to have become extinct about 80 years back.

Sources have revealed that the UK-based Centre of Fortean Zoology is very firmly dedicated towards tracking mythical, mystery and extinct animals all over the world.

About nine members from the Centre of Fortean Zoology have just finished-up with the first stage of their most recent self-funded project. This project was commenced in order to hunt for the thylacine.

The team has almost scoured the Tasmania's rocky north-west, which is a hot spot according to the team. Also the expedition leader Michael Williams says that he is very much contented with the outcome of the expedition.

He said, "No we don't have a thylacine in the boot, we don't have anything on camera of any great interest, but it's a roaring success because there's more witnesses than I thought there'd be".

He also adds that there are many more areas of interests in a smaller defined area than he thought there would be. According to him the last known thylacine died in detention in the 1930s.