Australians Turns Out for Climate Change Rally across the Nation

Climate-ChangeTens and thousands of people in Australia have turned out for rallies related to change of climate, thereby calling on the Abbott Government to put tax on carbon. Activist groups along with GetUp!, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Australian Conservation Foundation organized the National Day of Climate Action.

The national director of GetUp!, Sam Mclean, says that the rallies confirm the thinking of Australians. They regard climate change as a serious concern.

Approximately, 60,000 participated in the rallies, says organizers. The rallies were held in capital cities and in over 130 towns and regional centers.

An important role is being played by the emergency workers by giving warning related to danger of uncurbed global warming. Labor, Greens politicians and climate scientists were also present in the rally. The Climate Council's Tim Flannery says, "The simple truth is this: that we cannot leave a matter as important as climate change to the fickleness and whim of Australia's politicians".

He also said that all people must stand united so as to encourage use of renewable source of energy.

Mr. McNulty says that scientists were clear that global warming would make weather events more severe.