Qatar commits significant amount of natural gas to China and India

Abdulla Bin Hamad Al AttiyahMedia reports have specified that prominent amount of natural gas has been committed by Qatar for China and India.

Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Abdulla bin Hamad al-Attiyah told that a shipment contract of 12 tons of liquefied natural gas to China had already been signed by his country and the shipment contract of seven tons of liquefied natural gas had been signed to India.

For another ton of gas, Qatar and India are discussing over the shipment.

It is before the 12th International Energy Forum to be held here on Tuesday and Wednesday that the statement has been made by the Qatari official.

The signed shipment contract was attributed to China and India to trust between natural gas producers and importers by the Qatari minister.

Al-Attiyah told, "We have created the trust between the producers and importers over the years, while the International Energy Forum also contributed to the trust-building."