Misty the Dinosaur Skeleton Auctioned for £400,000

DinosaurAccording to sources, for £400,000 ($630,000, 470,000 euros), a rare female skeleton of a huge diplodocus dinosaur has been sold in Britain.

This complete skeleton of a rare species of dinosaur has been sold recently at an auction house in Britain.

It has also been revealed by the sources that the rare fossil has been nicknamed as Misty. Also, the scientists claim that this female fossil is about 150-million-years-old.

According to Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, southern England, this fossil was chiefly bought for the purpose of public display.

According to sources, the female skeleton was discovered in a US state known as Wyoming. It was found by the young sons of a famous dinosaur hunter. It has also been revealed by sources that this fossil was estimated to be of £400,000 to £600,000 by its discoverers.

Spokesman Rupert van der Werff claimed that it is a truly tremendous entity. He also said, "It has been an awful lot of work and a very exciting project, and to finally get to this final conclusion, we are delighted".

He also adds that he cannot reveal that who actually bought is but he can assure that now the fossil will be going on public display.