Seahorses Follow Their Prey with Secrecy

SeahorsesAccording to a latest study by researchers, the sea horses are cruel and ingenious predators, although they look slow as well as geeky at a glance.

According to researchers, these good looking creatures are defamed as bad swimmers, but on the contrary, these creatures are gifted with a secret weapon in order to sneak upon their prey.

According to sources, the seahorses have specially designed and peculiar snouts which enable them to form minimal ripples in the water. This helps them to very efficiently creep up and then swoop on to the tiny creatures. According to experts, seahorses cannot be traced as their spouts help them to be cloaked by the water properly.

According to sources, the seahorses mainly attack on the crustaceans, which are arthropods of the large, mainly aquatic group Crustacea. These are somewhat similar to crabs, lobsters, shrimps, or barnacles.

Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin say that the victims of the seahorses feel that they are the monsters of the sea.

Brad Gemmell, author of the study in Nature Communications said, "The seahorse is one the slowest swimming fish we know of, but it's able to capture prey that swim at incredible speeds".