To avoid 'awkward Likes' on sad statuses Facebook Comes up with 'sympathise' button

FacebookTo save users the embarrassment of hitting `Like' even for sad news, solely because they lack any option, Facebook has come up with an alternative as a `sympathise' button

A Facebook engineer developed a `Sympathize' button for the times when `Like' just isn't appropriate.

This button will come handy when, your Facebook friend's dog passed away, or maybe your friend was just laid off.

In cases like these, the Like button isn't apt, but you still want to show your support without taking time to write a compassionate comment. This is the time when one clicks the newly introduced button.

The Sympathize button may not be readily available for use just now , but that hasn't stopped Facebook users from voicing their opinions on other buttons they want.

Dan Muriello, an engineer for the social networking giant said, that the button had been created as part of an internal project but there were no plans to launch the button at the moment.

In a report, Muriello said that the option would not work for every post but only when the posts are tagged with certain emotions, which signify sadness, like a close one's death, accident, or maybe even a bad day.