Toyota suspends deliveries of the Lexus GX460

Toyota suspends deliveries of the Lexus GX460All of a sudden, troubled auto major Toyota suspended deliveries of the Lexus GX460 sport utility in Canada and the United States Wednesday for the time being after US non-profit magazine Consumer Reports highlighted concerns about the handling of the car that could cause rollovers leading to "serious injury or death."

Toyota forwarded that as of now, its engineering teams are examining the GX using Consumer Reports' specific parameters to identify how we can enhance the GX's performance.

On Wednesday afternoon, while commenting on the halt of Lexus' GX 460 model sales in the US, a spokesperson of Al Futtaim Motors, sales franchisee of Toyota and Lexus in the UAE, told Gulf News, "The distributor is aware of the issue and is awaiting information from Toyota if sales of this particular model will be stopped in the region here."