Sea Shepherd Foundation Disagrees With Australia, says Australia Behaves ‘Cowardly’ On Whaling

Sea-ShepherdAccording to a latest report, it has been announced by Australian government that it will soon send a plane to monitor Japan's whaling efforts. The government will send its plane in the Southern Ocean very soon, according to sources.

Whaling is the practice or industry of hunting and killing whales for their oil, meat, or whalebone.

Sources have revealed that the annual whale hunts of Japan last from January to March in the Antarctic. On the other hand, the environmental activist group Sea Shepherd has already sent its three boats in order to disturb Japanese whaling efforts.

It has been claimed by the authorities concerned that the intention of the customs mission will be to record the incidents on the high seas.

Sea Shepherd, which is an environmental activist group, is of the opinion that the Australia's decision to send a plane instead of boats is not appropriate. The group says that it is a hands-off approach and is just opposite to the direct methods of the activist group of hindering whaling.

Sea Shepherd Australia's Chairman Bob Brown says that the planes can only fly overhead and can only look from a great high. He also says that the planes are unable to stop any whaling activity from such height.