FTSE's festive mood maintained

FTSE's festive mood maintainedLeading shares remained boosted owing to the festive mood on Christmas Eve, touching their best level for nearly four weeks.

In a partial half day trading session, which meant trading volumes were uncommonly thin, the FTSE 100 finished 15.56 points more at 6694.17, its highest since 25 November on its fifth straight day of gains.

The leading index is at present up nearly 14% on the year so far and is on course for its best annual performance since 2009, when it rose to 22%.

Investors have been encourage by recent positive economic news from the US, which has overshadowed concerns about the Federal Reserve's decision last week to begin trimming its $85bn a month bond buying programme by $10bn.

China also felt a relief , where fears of a credit crunch had been mounting, after the People's Bank of China topped up last week's $50bn (£30.6bn) injection of liquidity into the markets with another $4.8bn (£3bn) on Tuesday morning.

Among the risers, BSkyB added 20.5p to 833p after a report of possible bid interest from mobile phone group Vodafone, up 0.25p at 236.4p.