European Spacecraft Rosetta to Reveal Secrets of Comets

European Spacecraft Rosetta to Reveal Secrets of CometsAs in the present scenario, all scientists are keen to know about the secrets about comets, they have recently invented the answer to all their quarries.

The answer, according to researchers lies in Rosetta, which is a European spacecraft in hibernation.  This spacecraft will soon be heading towards a 2.5-mile comet, according to scientists.

It is assumed by researchers that this comet belongs to the Jupiter family, whose orbits are controlled by the largest planet in the solar system.

According to researchers on the 20th of Jan next year, Rosetta will heading towards an unprecedented mission.

This mission has been planned by experts not only to put a spacecraft into orbit around this comet but also to send a lander on the same.

Stephan Ulamec, who is the project manager for the spacecraft's lander, said that Rosetta will soon become the best tool or a key element that will help us understand the history of the solar system better.

He said, "It would be really interesting to find out whether the organic chemistry that is relevant for life is there on comets".

He added that scientists are most concerned to find a landing site which will prove to be friendly.