Special Panel decides treatment guidelines for the Lyme disease

Lyme diseaseIn an eight member review panel issued ob Thursday, the panel has decided treatment guidelines for the disease do not change. It may be noted that the guidelines, don’t recommend treating Lyme disease with antibiotics for more than a few weeks and say that there is no evidence that chronic Lyme disease exists.

However, the Lyme disease patients had critized the Infectious Diseases Society of America because the group’s 2006 guidelines said there was no evidence that chronic Lyme diseases exists or that long term antibiotic treatment is effective.

The President of the Infectious Disease Society of America, Richard Whitley, told the reporters in the conference call on Thursday that “Think the attorney general was misguided by the activists presenting their own opinions. We spent an immense amount of time trying to suit his needs and those of his supporters.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said, “The guidance was based on the best evidence at the time and is supported by evidence published since then no changes or revisions to the 2006 Lyme guidelines are necessary at this time”.

The red rash, commonly known as the Lyme disease id named after the Connecticut town of Lyme, where the illness was first discovered in 1975, and also that Connecticut leads the nation in reported cases and has been a battleground in the national debate over treatment.

Diane Blanchard , co president of Time for Lyme , a Greenwich , based non profit group that advocates for better research into and treatment of the disease , said “I do not understand why they cannot be more open-minded to help all of the patients who are suffering”.