Man raises $50k for charity by choosing chastity

Man raises $50k for charity by choosing chastityA Northern Ireland resident chose to stay away from sex for one whole year with an aim to raise more that 50,000 dollars for charity.  Pete Lynagh, who swore off sex on New Year's Day 2013, raised cash for 'Free to Shine' organisation through his Facebook page 'Pete's Chastity for Charity'.

The cash raised by the boxing teacher and DJ has been utilized to set up an office and utilize staff, permitting the philanthropy to twofold the amount of young ladies it has spared from the sex slave exchange from 70 to just about 140.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Australian-established composes salvages Cambodian youngsters from sex subjugation and gives them training grants.

Weekends were a smear of gatherings, clubs and one-night stands.  By his own particular induction, Pete Lynagh was totally shallow.  Getting ladies was his thing.

At the same time a considerable measure can change in a year.  In the wake of pledging to stay completely off sex for 12 months on New Year's Day 2013, the 33-year-old has revealed a variant of himself he is blissful to see in the mirror.