The Fist Koala Joey of UK is a Male

Koala According to a latest report, it has happened for the first time that a koala joey has been born in the UK and the Edinburgh Zoo staff confirms that it is a boy.

It has been revealed by the sources that Yooranah was born at Edinburgh Zoo in May 2013. The keepers of the zoo where the animal was born said they waited to handle the little one until he had fully emerged from mother Alinga's pouch.

Sources said this first koala joey of UK was only the size of a jelly bean when it was born. The animal according to the sources was completely hairless as well as blind at the time of its birth.

The little male koala joey is weighs 1lb 6oz now. It has been revealed by the authorities at the zoo that the animal has been weighed on a digital scale similar to one used for baking.

The name of this unique koala joey has been named Yooranah as it means 'loving'. It has been confessed by the staff at the zoo that the little one still spends most of its time while clinging to its mother.

Donald Gow, who is a senior keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said it has been very exciting to watch as well as observe Yooranah grow.