Walk event in March honors infant mortality and birth defects

neonatal-intensive-care-unitAccording to Peoria resident, Cara Rosson realized the importance of the March of Dimes organization said, “They both spent time in a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in Florida, So I got involved with the March of Dimes and I learned how all the research they do helps babies like them.". It may be noted that she was at the March of Dimes on Sunday afternoon in Lower Bradley Park with her two sons, who are aged 6 and 9. It may be noted that more than 200 people walked in Sunday’s event, raising about $100,000. Many participants confessed that they experienced the birth or loss of a premature child.

Lori Filock, director of maternal child services at Methodist Medical Center and an advisory boards member for March Dimes of Peoria said, "The whole mission is to prevent premature births, We want to promote behaviors of healthy women.” While Margaret Hale, an administrative secretary to the obstetrics department at Methodist, said , “We didn't know the things we know today, but now we have this research, and people want to listen. So many things have happened in our world that we didn't know before.”

This is the 38th annual “March for Babies” walk took place this afternoon at the Wheeler park in North Mankato. Louis Howard, the Mankato March of Dimes Division Director said, “We expected about 250 people today and we will be going over our goal of $64,000 today so we're very excited about that... so yeah, rain or shine they still show up and they still walk”.