Online Appeal by Parents to Save Life of their Daughter

Margot-Martini.An online appeal has been made by parents of a 17-month-old girl suffering with rare form of leukaemia. Margot Martini was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer at an age of 14 and is suffering with both acute lymphoblastic and myeloid leukaemia.

Yaser Martini, father of the girl, has asked for suitable donor for his daughter, who wants an urgent blood stem cell transplant. The parents of the girl are requesting people to step forward and help their daughter to save her life.

The worst part is that all the family members are helpless in becoming the donor of the girl as their tissue type does not match with her. It has been reported that the Margot had spent almost 100 days in her treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Till now, she had been through three separate bouts of chemotherapy, but now needs a blood stem cell transplant to make sure her survival.

"We have embarked on this donor appeal knowing there was only a slim chance of finding someone who is a perfect match for Margot, but that's better than no chance", said Yaser.

Yaser had uploaded the video of his family worried about their daughter appealing people to come ahead and save life of Margot. It has been reported that this footage has been viewed by about 50,000 times in a week after it has been uploaded.