Well Off People Report Better Sexual Lives than Less Affluent

Sexual-Lives.A new research from Spain has come up with findings that affluent people tend to have better sex life and more satisfying love lives compared to their poorer counterparts. The reason behind this cause is that they are more aware regarding their sexual needs and greater capacity for developing their sexuality.  

The sexual habits survey was conducted of about 10,000 men and women in Spain. Maximum of Spanish people reported that they were satisfied with the quality and quantity of time in having sex with their partners. About nine in ten Spaniards were even more satisfied with the time they spent in their bedroom.

As per 2009 report, there seems to be a link between socioeconomic status and sexual enjoyment. This further means that people with lower socioeconomic status claim to have poorer sexual life in comparison to wealthier people, especially among females.

Dr. Dolores Ruiz, from the Barcelona Public Health Agency, said there is an urgent need to launch public policies that will help in overcoming the socioeconomic gap and gender inequalities that are prevailing in society.

The study, published in the Annals of Epidemiology, said well off women have better sex lives than their less privileged counterparts because of the awareness, leading to greater use of contraception.