Good Night’s Sleep Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer by 75%: Study

Prostate-CanceA new study has come out with findings that have implications for cutting down prostate cancer risk. Scientists said good night's sleep could play a significant role to protect men from developing prostate cancer.

The study has led them to a conclusion that men with high levels of sleep hormone melatonin have 75% lesser chances to suffer from an advanced form of the lethal disease.

Scientists said bodies of men produce melatonin at night so as to regulate sleep cycle. And melatonin also has a lot to do with the body's 24-hour clock, or circadian rhythm, said scientists.

People who find it difficult to sleep at night are the ones with too little melatonin. Scientists were able to establish the association between levels of melatonin and prostate cancer risk after analyzing 928 Icelandic men.

The scientists tested the level of melatonin in the participants in the beginning of the study and then kept on monitoring the same over seven years. During the study time, 111 of the participants were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Of them, 24 had advanced cancer.

The findings made it clear for scientists that the men who had higher levels of melatonin were the ones who had 75% lesser risk to develop advanced prostate cancer risk than their counterparts with low levels of the same.