Radio-Collars to be Fitted on Snow leopards in Spiti valley

Snow-leopardsResearchers will be soon fitting radio collars on snow leopards in the tribal Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh, intended to gain a better insight into the behavior of the endangered cat.

The snow leopard will soon have satellite-linked collars fitted around their neck. The device will help researchers to keep a watch on every movement of the cat in the forbidden, high altitude mountain ranges.

Thanks to global positioning system (GPS) to help researchers make efforts to better understand the behavior of snow leopards. Funds of Rs 25 lakh have also been sanctioned by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest for the study of the endangered cat.

Snow leopards come under the category of Endangered Species on the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Besides, all rage of countries has listed the species as endangered.

The population of snow leopard is declining at a rapid pace in all 12 countries where the species is found, despite being listed as endangered species.  

China, Nepal and India are the three countries that have about half the global population of snow leopards. As far as Himachal is concerned, it has around 20 snow leopards. The project, Snow Leopard, has seen installation of 20 camera traps in Spiti Valley to monitor the movements of the endangered species. The state's wildlife department is working together with Mysore-based NGO Nature Conservation Foundation to strengthen their efforts to bring the species back to its previous normal population.