Netflix signs multi-year deal with Comcast

Netflix-ComcastVideo streaming service Netflix and bigwig US Internet service provider Comcast have revealed in an almost-identical canned statement that they have signed a multi-year agreement because of which the streaming of Netflix's videos will become smoother and faster.

As a result of the deal between Netflix and Comcast, there will be a direct connectivity of the Netflix servers with the Comcast network; with third parties which slow down streaming speeds to be eliminated. However, Comcast has noted that Netflix will receive "no preferential network treatment."

According to the canned statement issued by Netflix and Comcast, the key objective of the deal which the two companies have signed will be to "Provide Customers With Excellent User Experience." The deal will also, as per Comcast, pave the way for future growth in Netflix traffic.

The statement describes the deal as a "mutually beneficial interconnection agreement" because of which Comcast's US broadband customers will be able to experience high-quality Netflix videos in the future.

Despite the fact that the terms of the deal have not been officially disclosed, recent reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal have revealed that the deal implies that cash will flow from Netflix to Comcast.