2-year-old tech-savvy boy saves injured mom using FaceTime app

2-year-old tech-savvy boy saves injured mom using FaceTime appAccording to a report from KGUN, a tech-savvy 2-year-old boy in Tuscan, Ariz., helped his gravely injured mother by using the FaceTime app.

In an incident which took place last week, a Tuscan mother - Laura Toone - got badly hurt while trying to break up a fight between her foster dog and one of her own dogs. The foster dog attacked Toone; and bit part of her middle finger almost completely off.

Toone tried dialing 911 for help from her iPhone, but the excessive blood oozing out from her hand prevented her from doing so. Even her 4-year-old daughters felt scared to take the blood-stained phone from her hands and call 911.

Toone started feeling giddy because of the loss of blood, and felt that she was about to become unconscious when her little son - 2-year-old son Bentley - fetched a dish towel from the kitchen and wiped some of the blood off his mother's iPhone. He then used the FaceTime video chat app, and called up Toone's friend Connie Guerrero.

When Guerrero heard Toone screaming, she called 911; and Bentley unlocked the door of the Toone's house to let the firefighters in and help his injured mother. Toone told KGUN that Bentley is her 'little hero'; and added that she has now taught all of her children how to dial 911 to seek help in emergency.