Amazon reportedly working on a Kindle phone

Amazon reportedly working on a Kindle phoneAccording to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, online retail giant Amazon is preparing to foray into the highly competitive smartphone arena with a new handset of its own - the Amazon Kindle phone.

The long-rumored Amazon phone will be launched in the second half of 2014. Amazon apparently has efforts underway to officially announce the handset in June/July, and start shipping it by the end of September.

The WSJ report, citing information shared by unidentified sources, revealed that Amazon has recently been demonstrating its Kindle phone versions to developers in Seattle and San Francisco.

As per the WSJ sources, the Amazon Kindle phone will have an edge over its established rivals - like Apple and Samsung - in the crowded smartphone market. The handset will be equipped with a screen which will boast the capability of displaying seemingly 3-D images without special glasses. Other than its impressive screen, the handset will also have a fingerprint scanner

However, similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, the Kindle phone will run on a heavily-skinned version of the Android operating system, which will also restrict Google Play Store access for the users.