‘XCOM: Enemy’ launched on Android OS; to arrive on Amazon Appstore “soon”

‘XCOM: Enemy’ launched on Android OS; to arrive on Amazon Appstore “soon”Firaxis Games has recently announced the launch of its hugely popular turn-based title 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' on the Android mobile operating system. The game is already available on the iOS platform - for the iPhone and iPad users - since June 2013.

According to an announcement made by Firaxis Games, the incredible shooting title XCOM is being launched on the Google Play store with a price-tag of $10. The iOS version of the title costs double the amount --- $20.

With Firaxis Games having recently announced the launch of XCOM turn-based strategy game on the Android OS, publisher 2K Games has hinted that the title will "soon" be made available from the Amazon Appstore. However, no specific timeline for the game's availability at Amazon Appstore has been officially announced as yet.

Moreover, it is also being reported that the XCOM game will also be updated at some point to support asynchronous multiplayer via Google Game Services.

Meanwhile, about the launch of the XCOM Android version and the game's imminent availability at Amazon, a recent tweet from the official Twitter account of 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' said: "The Award Winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to soon to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore!"