Microsoft to start rolling out new features for Xbox One in dashboard updates

Microsoft to start rolling out new features for Xbox One in dashboard updatesSoftware giant Microsoft has revealed in a recent announcement that it has efforts underway to roll new features for its latest-generation gaming console, Xbox One, in dashboard updates.

According to Microsoft, the updates - which the company will start rolling out this month - will bring along additional functionality in the Audio Controls and Voice Recognition Features of the Xbox One console.

About the new features resulting from the dashboard updates, Microsoft said that Sound Mixer for Apps will be added to the Xbox One. With the Sound Mixer having Snap and Volume Control, users of Xbox One console will be able to control the volume levels of multiple apps when they use snap features to decide which app should be louder. In addition, users will also get the ability to control volume levels while using Kinect for chat.

Moreover, Microsoft an opt-in Speech Recognition program will also be initiated by Microsoft to bring about an improvement in the functionality of the Kinect and its ability to recognize more commands. The Speech Recognition program will be entirely optional, and users can opt-in to it for product enhancements.

With regard to the availability of the new features for Xbox One, Microsoft said that the Xbox One dashboard early access participants will be able to avail the new features from later this week.