Healthy baby delivered by woman in coma

Healthy baby delivered by woman in comaSpecialists in San Francisco have delivered a child to a lady who went into a coma like state in March after a mind tumor made her have a seizure.

The child's new father now ends up in the troublesome position of dealing with his child while trusting for his wife to wake up.

West Nathaniel Lande was conceived at five pounds, nine ounces.

"He's got his mother's nose and his mother's ears and he's opening his eyes and looking around," said Brian Lande.

Lande is a glad father, yet he and his wife Melissa are confronting difficulties not at all like most unseasoned parents.

Melissa Carleton languished a seizure succeeding medicine over a kindhearted mind tumor. She's been in a state of insensibility since March, yet brought her infant to full term.

"Needing to stress that we truly weren't going to get either. To in any event realize that I've got one of them now," said Brian.

Specialists delivered the baby through C-area at 10:56 a. m. Thursday.

As euphoric as I am to meet my child, it is fantastically terrible for Melissa not to be up and about with me for this, said Brian.

Melissa's harm to her cerebrum is in the territory that controls alertness, so she still may be mindful of what is going on. Before surgery she moved Brian's hand to her stomach, where the child was kicking.