Vermont – a testing ground for new wireless broadband technology

Vermont – a testing ground for new wireless broadband technologyVermont has become one of the first testing grounds for US wireless carrier Sprint's new wireless technology which will help the carrier offer more substantial competition to its bigger rivals, AT&T and Verizon.

On Tuesday, VTel - Vermont's local carrier of phone, television and Internet services - announced the launch of a new service which will tap Sprint's broadband spectrum and purchasing power for delivering high-speed Internet service through the air. The new technology will be notably different from conventional distribution via copper or fiber optic cables.

With VTel announcing the launch of the new service at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Hardwick on Tuesday afternoon, VTel representative said that though Wireless speeds do not yet reach the speeds of fiber, they nonetheless can offer a lot more than what is available from other technologies.

The representatives said that while the maximum downloads speed achievable by traditional DSL service typically is 15 Mbps for downloads; the new wireless broadband technology can reach up to a maximum of 50 Mbps download speeds, though the average is generally around 30 Mbps because of network congestion.

In a demonstration of the power of wireless broadband speeds which will be deployed in Vermont in 2015, VTel representatives streamed high-definition videos simultaneously with teleconferencing and playing online video games --- all without any wired Internet connections.