UAW sets up new local at Chattanooga Volkswagen plant

UAW sets up new local at Chattanooga Volkswagen plantThe United Auto Workers (UAW) on Thursday set up a new local in Chattanooga, claiming it will help Volkswagen workers organize again following a failed attempt earlier this year.

The Local No. 42 was unveiled at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) office off Bonny Oaks Drive. Dennis Williams, the new president of the union, announced that the new local would operate from the IBEW office.

Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer at the UAW, said the new local would be run by and for the workers at Volkswagen. He also claimed that the local would work to educate workers and participate in benevolent activities in Chattanooga.

Addressing a gathering of workers, Casteel added, "Upon Local 42 signing up a meaningful portion of Volkswagen's Chattanooga work force, we're confident the company will recognize Local 42 by dealing with it as a members' union that represents those employees who join the local."

However, the renowned car maker said in a statement that it had no formal agreement with the union. It added that the set up of the new local organization was a matter for the just trade union concerned. David Smith, a spokesperson for Gov. Bill Haslam, said that the governor's office understood there was no agreement between the carmaker and the union.

In February this year, the union was rejected by workers with a 712-626 vote.