Telstra Gives Its Annual Report

Telstra Gives Its Annual ReportToday, Telstra the biggest telecom company of Australia reported that its subscriber base for mobile now numbers at 16 million and that the company has added about 1 million new subscribers in the financial year 2013-2014.

David Thodey Telstra's Chief Executive Officer today said that calculating the number of mobile subscriptions in terms of population, in a country like Australia where there is more than one mobile subscription for each person, becomes a less applicable metric as more cars, smart meters along with many other smart devices come online.

Thodey announced the full-year results of Telstra on Thursday. The results however revealed that the mobile growth of Telstra is slowing down.

Thodey said "Is the market softening? Yes. But I think the long-term perspective is really, really strong." He added, "People will have two, three, four or five devices. You think about the number of devices you have in the home, then you can go to meters, then you can go to every bit of machinery. Immediately your addressable market could be up to 100 million."

As revealed by the annual results of Telstra the 937,000 subscriptions that were added by the company in this financial year, 109,000 of the subscriptions came from mobile broad bands like mobile hotspots or dongle whereas,
291,000 of them were attributed to machine-to-machine subscriptions.