SABMiller’s Proposal for Heineken Rejected

SABMiller’s Proposal for Heineken RejectedOn Sunday, the Heineken family which own one of the world's largest breweries, Heineken was reported to have rejected a takeover offer that cane from SABMiller.

SABMiller has developed quickly into being the second largest brewer in the world by making the right acquisitions at the right time. It remains ahead of Heineken and Carlsberg.

The proposal came in the last couple of weeks. Sources said if agreed upon, then the Heineken family would have been one of the largest share holders in the joint company.

The reason why the family rejected the bid was because they did not desire to let go of the control of the Amsterdam-based brewer. SABMiller is deciding upon what should be its next move though it is not clear whether the brewer will make a fresh round of offer.

Heineken on Sunday said that it was resolute to stay as an independent entity.

In a statement the company said, "Heineken has consulted with its majority shareholder and concluded that SABMiller's proposal is non-actionable."

If SABMiller gets success in acquiring Heineken, then its market value will almost get double in size.