Uber Gets an ‘F’ Grade from Better Business Bureau

Uber Gets an ‘F’ Grade from Better Business BureauEverything does not seem to be bright for the Uber, the private-taxi sharing service. It seems that the car sharing company has got a serious issue of marketing to work out. The company got an 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its "surge pricing" policy complaints that came from several of its customers.

It is not known, how long Uber has been sitting with its "F" grade, but as per Lori Wilson the President and CEO of BBB, the ratings are "constantly in flux depending on how and when the particular business responds to the complaints and other information posted to the BBB site." Wilson guesses that the "F" has been there "for some time."  

The surge pricing is a trend among the drivers of Uber which is giving its customers sudden shocks which is scaring them away.

Though the car sharing services like Uber and Lyft assisted by smartphone apps are convenient, yet the sudden rise in prices seem to be turning off the shocked passengers.

On Thursday, a spokeswoman from Uber said that, "Uber's direct channel for two-way feedback is regularly reviewed and acted on to ensure a high-quality experience. The fact is that consumers in 220 cities around the world have made their opinion known by taking millions of rides with Uber."