Volkswagen Comes up with Zero Emission Taxi Concept

Volkswagen Comes up with Zero Emission Taxi ConceptVolkswagen has declared that it will "revolutionize" mobility in the next few years in urban areas, as the concept of zero emission taxi has been revealed by the company in Berlin. The company has dubbed the concept of taxi as the 'Berlin Taxi', which is one of Volkswagen's first line-up of electric vehicles, to be disclosed by 2013.

Powered by lithium batteries, this subcompact van has a range of up to 300km. It has one rear sliding door and an LCD display at the back of the cabby's seat with no front passenger seat. The touch screen also lets commuters to call up information on points of interest along the route, navigation data, arrival time and weather at destination.

The engineers of Berlin Taxi opted for just one sliding door, because the safest way of exiting the vehicle is from the pavement. The sliding door extends well into the roof and opens forward to the passenger side with a two-axis kinematics design.

The area of front passenger seat is replaced by luggage space. An 8- inch touch screen on the back of the driver's seat shows the taxi charges, which is equipped with a card reader for credit cards. The battery packs which can be charged up to 80 per cent capacity in just one over hour.