Goldman Sachs Reported Better than Expected Third-quarter Results.

Goldman Sachs Reported Better than Expected Third-quarter Results.On Thursday, Goldman Sachs Group reported a better than expected third-quarter results.

The earnings of Goldman Sachs increased $4.57 per share to $2.24 billion. In 2013 the third quarter figure stood at $2.88 a share or $1.52 billion.

As per the expectation of the analysts the bank was to earn $3.21 a share.

For the quarter the net revenue of the bank grew by twenty five percent when compared to last year, to $8.39 billion, from a year earlier. The bank exceeded the figure of $7.8 billion that was expected by analysts.

The chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein said, "The combination of improving economic conditions in the US and a strong global franchise continued to drive client activity across our diverse set of businesses."

The most inspiring results were driven by the fixed-income trading of the bank, where the buying and selling of bonds and derivatives are done. Revenue increased seven four percent from a lethargic quarter which was seen last year. The trading division also saw great movement where the revenue increased 32 percent as compared with the same quarter of 2013.

In spite of the strong performance, the Goldman shares dropped 2.6 percent on Thursday. This is because the investors do not see the elements as sustainable over a long period of time, which has mainly pushed the earnings.