Andrew Lansley named as Health Secretary of the Coalition Government

Andrew-LansleyAndrew Lansley has been named as the health secretary of a new Conservative Lib Dem coalition government with the former civil servant who became an active Conservative in the 1980’s after a spell as private secretary to Norman Tebbit. In 2003, Mr. Lansley was made shadow health secretary under Michael Howard and retained this role under, Mr. Cameron after in 1990 when he became head of the Conservative Research Department.

However, it is unclear whether the Liberal Democratic Health spokesman Norman Lamb will be offered a key role in Cameron’s cabinet.

It may be noted that after being forced to defend himself against accusations of “flipping” homes during the expenses scandal, he has had to weather a number of potential storms during his time in opposition. With Westminster sources suggesting that each department is likely to include at least one Liberal Democrat Junior Minister, the composition of the rest of the new ministerial health team is yet as unclear.