Starboard Reveals Stakes in Yahoo and AOL

Starboard Reveals Stakes in Yahoo and AOLStarboard Value LP, the activist investor urging a merger between Yahoo and AOL to merge, has stated that it owns shares not only in Yahoo but also in AOL.

Starboard disclosed that it owns a stake of 7.7 million share in Yahoo and a share stake of 1.9 million in AOL. According to Thomson Reuter's data this transpires to be 0.8 percent stake in Yahoo and 2.5 percent in AOL.

In September Starboard said to Yahoo in a letter that a merger with AOL will create a close to $1 billion "synergy" as it will reduce some over head costs along with overlaps in online advertising display.

On Friday a regulatory filing revealed that Starboard invested in a 2.4% stake in AOL in the third quarter. Earlier in 2012 the company had owned some stake in AOL, which it utilised for running an activist campaign that was against that company.

The same filing also showed that Starboard also owns 0.8% of Yahoo. This put the company out of the list of the top ten shareholders. In its September letter Starboard had some other suggestions also for Yahoo, which included serious cost cutting and cooling down on new acquisitions.