Stay Order Overturns Ban on Gay Marriage in Alabama

Stay Order Overturns Ban on Gay Marriage in AlabamaThe Attorney General of Alabama has asked a federal judge to put a stay on a ruling which reversed the ban which Alabama put on gay marriage. The advocates in favour of the cause cheered as this issue seemed to be a doubtful victory in the state which is considered extremely conservative.

On Friday, the office of the Attorney General Luther Strange told a federal judge to keep the ruling on hold, as this term, the U. S. Supreme Court is planning to decide on the matter of gay marriage which will be "resolving the issues on a nation-wide basis."

On Friday, the U. S. District Callie V. S. Granade gave a ruling which was in favour of the two Mobile women who filed a lawsuit to challenge the refusal of Alabama State, which did not recognize their marriage of 2008 which was performed in California.

This ruling is one of the major wins of the advocates of marriage rights in recent times. Many of the judges in several of the Southern states, like Florida, Virginia, the Carolinas and Mississippi have struck down these bans in recent times. This month the U. S. Supreme Court had announced that this issue will be taken up and it will be decided whether it is a fundamental right for gay couples to marry and also if the states have the right to put a ban on such kind of unions.