NSA and GCHQ may have a New Spying Tool in Encryption keys of Mobile SIM Cards

NSA and GCHQ may have a New Spying Tool in Encryption keys of Mobile SIM CardsIf reports are to be believed then the encryption keys used widely in mobile phone SIM could be an additional tool for the US and British spy services in their arsenal.

The Intercept, which is an investigative news website published a report citing the documents that were leaked from Edward Snowden , the ex-National Security Agency contractor were actually "hacked into" by the US and British agencies. It says that, to gain the keys the spying agencies hacked into the European manufacturer Gemalto.

In case the report is accurate, this may permit the NSA as well as the British equivalent GCHQ to clandestinely watch a hefty fraction of communications globally through mobile devices. If it really works for the agencies then without using a warrant or laying a wiretap they would be able to monitor communications.

Bruce Schneier, who is a cryptographer and the chief technology officer at Resilient Systems, the security firm said, "This is a huge deal. The things that are the most egregious are when the NSA hacks everybody to get a few people. They're getting encryption keys of everybody, including you and me."

Some other document earlier has signalled that NSA also has the capability of monitoring emails as well as the conventional telephonic communications.