Google is Now the Custodian of Airship Hangars at Moffett Field

Google is Now the Custodian of Airship Hangars at Moffett FieldFrom now on, the giant airship hangars at Moffett Field will be under the custody of Google. The lease deal for the transfer happed with NASA without any parties of glitzy events

For the coming sixty years, the technology giant will take care and lease the historic buildings and also the surrounding 1,000 acres of land. According to the deal, Google will also be in charge to restore the hangers.

In a statement Google said, "We're thrilled to take over operations of Moffett federal airfield effective April 1, and to roll-up our sleeves at the site. We're proud to have the opportunity to restore the remarkable hangar one."

Using the huge building spaces and the surrounding lands that engineers are expected develop new technology for the future which also includes drones.

Associate Director of the NASA Ames Research Centre, Deborah Feng said through an email statement that, Planetary Ventures a unit of Google has received clearance to move in and start doing modifications to the property starting from April 1.

Though the company has already got the approval of starting some of the electrical work along with installing trailers for construction but all kinds of future activities will need to go through permission and requirements for historic preservation.