California Opting for Desalination Plant to Meet Water Shortage

California-Desalination PlantWhen California faced difficult time from the last drought in early 1990s, a desalination plant was started in Santa Barbara with an investment of $34 million. The process was too costly and did not make any sense to be continued as the rains returned later on. But similar situations are arising in the state once again, as California faces its fourth year of drought and now it seems running the desalination plant once again can only bring some respite to the parched land.

Though the state is located right next to the largest ocean of the world the water thirsty state has to take drastic actions for water conservation.

Desalination is nothing new and many countries including Saudi Arabia and Israel have been practicing the process of purifying non-potable water for long. But as far as California is concerned, it has always preferred less expensive as well as options that are lower energy-intensive like channelizing water from north with storage in huge reservoirs.

The city council of Santa Barbara is likely to give a contract in June in order to revamp and start operating the site to either Acciona Agua of Spain or the IDE Technologies of Israel. The city is looking forward to getting a loan from the state to pay the preliminary price of $40 million.