US Airways Gradually to Disappear, Starting this Fall

US Airways Gradually to Disappear, Starting this FallUS Airways which has flown for more than seventy five years is about to end its flight.

The American Airlines is planning to shut down the carrier in a ninety days span which could start as early as July. In case it is, the final goodbye will be sometime in October.

The flights of US Airways will be gradually disappearing and they will be replaced by flights of American Airlines within a solo reservations system. When merging two airlines, this could be one of the trickiest parts to handle.

The executives of American Airlines have designed the continuing fade-out of the flights meticulously to avoid any kind of technological glitch and colossal delays in flight delays. United Airlines has suffered such troubles in 2012, when it suddenly shifted to the computer systems of Continental.

Maya Leibman, the chief information officer of American Airlines Group Inc said, "It's absolutely critical because it's really the core system for almost every customer-facing transaction that happens at the airline." American is currently the biggest airline operator in the world.

The discontinuation of the US Airways flights will not affect fares probably as already American sets the fares for both. Merges between carriers have already taken off five big airlines from the scene, since 2005. Now four leading companies control almost eighty percent or more of the U. S. airline market.