Starbucks’ Mobile App is Being Used by Hackers to Steal Money from Customers

Starbucks’ Mobile App is Being Used by Hackers to Steal Money from CustomersStarbucks fans better be beware of hackers who can easily steal money from customers' accounts and siphon it to their own, using the reloadable gift cards that are bought through the mobile payment app of the coffee chain.

Starbucks recommends that its customers must use passwords that are strong and unique.

Maggie Jantzen, a Starbucks spokes said, these incidents happening in recent times are "not widespread." She also said that "customer security is incredibly important to us".

It is not a pleasant experience to be a victim anytime. To stay safe everyone should check their accounts often as using a mobile app transact with businesses makes anyone more vulnerable to frauds.

Some of the sites give a limited number of chances to attempt to feed the correct password attempts before it locks the would-be user. However, Starbucks does not seem to be using that system for its app.

Bob Sullivan, who is an independent consumer reporter, says that hackers by using stolen username data can get access to the accounts of Starbucks customers which are connected to credit cards. According to Starbucks, approximately eighteen percent of its transactions right now are done on its app.