Seventy Musicians Audition to get Approval to Play in NYC Subway Stations

Seventy Musicians Audition to get Approval to Play in NYC Subway StationsAlthough, street musicians in the New York City bring much joy to the listeners, yet everyone does not get a chance to play in the subway stations of New York City.

A large number of musicians played a number of instruments in front of a panel of judges auditioning for approval of official which will give them a chance to showcase their talents in the subways of New York City.

On Tuesday, the officials of Metropolitan Transportation Authority which runs the Music Under New York program listened to seventy musicians from all over the world and only one third them will be fortunate to get the approval to play in the most rewarding spots in the subway stations. They will also clear the paperwork which is required to be shown to the cops to make it apparent that they are good to go.

Three hundred people had applied months ago for a chance just to be heard by the officials and out of those seventy made it to the final list. Only about twenty four of them will be selected for playing in the busy subway stations all over the city.

In New York, it is not legal to perform in the sub way stations without getting a permit from the MTA. The musicians who get an opportunity have a chance to earn a few hundred dollars every day as tips.