New Water Limits for Newly Constructed Homes and Offices in California

New Water Limits for Newly Constructed Homes and Offices in California Water has been a major concern in drought struck California. To add new limitations, on Friday the officials announced the limit of water that can be used by the landscapes which are being constructed newly.

The cut in water limits were a result of a push that came from Governor Jerry Brown's executive order which said that water users in the urban areas have to cut down twenty five percent of their usage during the drought situation in California.

The Building Standard's Commission of the state announced the limits for green patches and lawns. The greener water guzzling lawns will be a distant dream for the urban users. The developers and builders can keep up with the fresh set of rules by replacing grass with shrubs and bushes that require lesser amount of water. They can also opt for valves that trickle water slowly instead of the conventional sprinklers which use more water.

However, the rules do not affect the landscapes which are already existent or the ones which use recycled or water.

Starting from Monday, the new standards will be effective for proposed schools, office buildings and hospitals. For the housing developments, it comes into effect from June 15.

However, the new rules do not mention how should be the lawns watered or which type of grass or shrubs can be planted.