Tim Hunt says His Recent Statement on Females Was a Joke

Tim Hunt says His Recent Statement on Females Was a JokeTim Hunt, a British biochemist, recently made headlines after he gave his suggestion of having ‘single-sex labs’.

Tim Hunt at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea, said “females fall in love with their male colleagues, and when you criticize them they start crying”.

As a solution to this issue Tim said one must have only ‘single-sex labs’.

The outrage among the women scientists community was quite predictable after the comments were made public.

One of the examples of it was a response on social media by women scientists that displayed an irresolvable contradiction at the heart of feminist fury.

But now the Nobel Prize winning biochemist said that he was just joking and his comments were not at all serious.

Several female scientists, including his own wife, Prof. Mary Collins, one of Britain’s top immunologists, have come forward to stand in his defense.

Tim after his statement was forced to resign from his post at the University College of London as well as from the science committee of the European Research Council.

However, there is no doubt that the first two parts of the statement were true. Just like in every other workplace like in America, women and men fall in love, especially when they are working in close in very competitive environments like research laboratories.

Here is a reaction posted on social media against Tim’s comments. Rocket Scientista tweeted, “Gets hot up in here when working on UVcalibration in the clean lab. #distractinglysexy How bout them apples #TimHunt?”