MTN CEO Ready to Take the Telecom Company Forward

MTN CEO Ready to Take the Telecom Company ForwardMTN SA, the South Africa telecom company's new CEO Mteto Nyati said, his priorities now include increasing the revenue and improving the customer services as the multinational mobile telecommunications company recovers from a severe strike.

Apart from that, he also will make an effort to improve the relation between the management and the company's staff with an extra effort to restore relations with the labour unions so that such kinds of strikes can be avoided in the future.

Eight months ago Mr Nyati, joined MTN as the chief executive of the company's enterprise operations. Just two weeks back he was appointed as the CEO. The two-month long strike at the telecom company badly affected the operations in South Africa. The customers were not able to contact the help centre nor could they get their mobiles repaired during the duration of the strike.

Last week in an interview Mteto Nyati said, "My priority is not so much the costs. My priority is the top line. We need to get the company into double-digit growth, and to get there (we will focus) on two key areas for new revenue streams."

He said that the company's main focus will be on enterprise and digital businesses. The traditional business also holds potential for bigger opportunities and he thinks that MTN can insistently grow its market share by trying many variables including introduction of new products as well as services.