Airbnb a ‘Menace’ for the Luxury Paris Hotels Facing Drop in Occupancy

Airbnb a ‘Menace’ for the Luxury Paris Hotels Facing Drop in OccupancyThe luxury hotel sector in Paris is facing a dilemma due to an increase in competition posed by new hotels and also from Airbnb.

Airbnb, offers maximum accommodations in Paris as compared to any other place in the world. The home sharing website is a haven for budget travelers and that's frightening the deluxe hotels in the French capital.

The managing director of the Bristol Hotel, Didier le Calvez said, "The Paris market is going to get very difficult." It's not only him who is saying that, most of the bosses in the other "palaces" of the city too have the same opinion.  Most of them see Airbnb as a threat which enjoys an unjust advantage.

Airbnb's website has almost 50,000 listed offerings in the Paris region. It was just 7,000 all over France in 2012 said le Calvez which supports his concerns for the luxury hotels.

Search on the Airbnb site will offer almost 380 to 400 properties in Paris available at over _500 per night. Out of them almost forty charge more than _1,000 euros.

The charges along with additional attraction of anonymity and may be some extra beds make them strong competitors of the high-end Paris hotels like Bristol which all together have about 1,500 rooms in their offering at a charge of _1,000 a night .