Tentative Agreement on Contract Reached Between Fiat Chrysler and UAW

Tentative Agreement on Contract Reached Between Fiat Chrysler and UAWTuesday night at a news conference the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the United Auto Workers union said that they have reached a tentative agreement. But the details were not brought in the open as the new contract that will be presented for voting by the members. Next, the union will seek to reach agreements with the other two of 'Big Three', GM and Ford.

To celebrate the agreement Dennis Williams, UAW's President, and Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler's Chief Executive Officer hugged on Tuesday night in Detroit at a news conference. The members will now have a look at the agreement and before that the details were not given out.

However, they hinted that the agreement addresses the ever growing cost of health care as well forms a "path" for the entry-level workers to flourish and finally exits the structure of tiered-wages.

According to Williams, On Wednesday, the provisional agreement will be put up to the executive board of the union for review, prior to the local leaders taking the details to their respective members and schedule votes.

He said, "We believe we have met the goals. But ultimately our membership will make the final decision."