GM Reveals New Initiatives and also Experimenting on Autonomous Driving

GM Reveals New Initiatives and also Experimenting on Autonomous DrivingGeneral Motors says there will be cars available soon that can remotely locked, unlocked and be started. The automaker revealed that at present it is testing an application that allows owners of cars to lock or unlock their vehicles and even start them remotely.

Testing of the app was currently confirmed by General Motor's vice president of strategy, Mike Ableson. He showcased the app which the Detroit automaker is working on while giving an analyst presentation. General Motors claims that it can deal with the competition that comes from Apple Inc.'s electric vehicles and also the self-driving autos from Google.

In an attempt to make its new initiatives known to the public GM also revealed a car-sharing initiative which it is planning to offer in New York. The automaker plans to make its Chevrolet SUVs' available on a shared basis to the residents of The Ritz Plaza, a luxury apartment building that's located in the Times Square.

One more initiative which the company is planning is to launch the Chevrolet Volt. It will be powered by a battery that will allow the vehicle to run for fifty miles before it can changeover to a gasoline engine.

He Volt will initially be run inside the engineering campus of GM in Southeast Michigan in the coming year.